Keep North Dakota Clean, Inc.

Keeping North Dakota Clean through litter prevention and education


Correlated to ND State Education Standards
Visual Arts: #1, #3 - Science:  #4, #7 - Social Studies:  #5, #6 & #7

The contest is for students in grades 1–8 and special needs. Participants create artwork that reflects his or her knowledge about the responsibility we all have to keep our state and water clean, reduce waste, recycle, plant trees, prevent wildfires, create wildlife habitat, and use all our natural resources wisely. First place artwork will be turned into billboards! The KNDC contest is sponsored by a variety of partnering agencies and organizations who believe, collectively, we can make a positive impact through every day choices and actions.

All state winners, their immediate family, and teacher will be invited to an awards ceremony during Earth Day week, at the Memorial Hall in Washburn, North Dakota. After the ceremony, a luncheon will be served and everyone will get free admission to the North Dakota Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center and Fort Mandan.

First Place Winners receive a cash award of $100, a certificate, gold medallion, and have their artwork made into a billboard by Newman Outdoor Advertising, and placed along a major transportation route near their hometown.

Second Place Winners receive a cash award of $75, a certificate, and a silver medallion

Third Place Winners receive a cash award of $50, a certificate, and a bronze medallion.


Hint - Make sure you use paper that is 8.5 x 14. This is necessary to make a billboard.

If you have questions about your theme please contact the Grade Sponsor for clarification.

High School Contest:
Test the limits of your digital creativity.

Entry Form:
This must accompany all artwork submitted for the billboard contest.

2018 Awards Luncheon
April 27, 2018
National Energy Center of Excellence
Bismarck, ND

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2018 Art Contest Winners
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